Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hotspring Lodge Back On-Line. Call Off The Search Party.

Due to the cold snap and snow storm several weeks back I have been out of commission as you have probably noticed. Until about an hour and a half ago I had been out of electricity and water. I have re-established the power, but there are some issues with water lines under the cabin yet I need to deal with, now that I know where they are. No more sitting around here at night with candles and burning up my wood pile and packing water from the pond out front. Anyways there is lots to tell, there will be some posts begin to show up here in the next day or so.
So stay tuned.


  1. Back again, can't wait to read the details.

  2. Great! I had a feeling you would post something today!

  3. Glad to hear all is well.Yes, that cold snap we had was brutal, but I can only imagine how hard it was where you are, and with no power, or water, It had to suck. BUT at least you have a heavenly enviroment that surrounds you. I am looking forward to your post inthe next few days. Cheers