Thursday, February 2, 2012

Penstock Intake Screen

January was pleasant enough up into the second week or so. I took the opportunity to make up a new screen for the water intake up the mountain, an integral part of the water driven power system. The previous screen had been damaged in the November rainstorms so it was time to get rid of the temporary one up there.

A few zip zips with the skillsaw.
Some minus half inch screen is secured with screws. I ran short of material for the ends but had an idea.

I secured it on my trusty horse and headed up the mountain.

From here I need to pack it down a steep goat trail to the intake dam below the bridge.
I had run out of material at home but there was some scraps up at the dam I finished off the ends with.

A pretty simple affair. But it needs to flow 1363 litres (300 gal.) a minute to feed the pelton wheel generator, at the same time keep debris from entering the line.  I've tried many designs over the years. This is the only thing that ever gives me problems with the system, and only during certain times of the year with extreme weather. Like this time of year. Either high water and to much junk in the creek clogs it up or extreme cold then ice crystals clog it up. That done, I can scratch it off the list.
With some decent weather it will be a long time before I need to come up here again.

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