Monday, January 2, 2012

Cabin Building

This was my first home out here for 3 months in '94, down at the campsite and close to the hot spring.

Later as cabin construction began I moved down to this end and camped here for 5 months.
With a borrowed  skidder from the loggers down on Harrison Lake I gathered up cedar poles from around the property, storing them up on a 'deck' for drying and peeling.

An old A-frame truck was used to lift logs during building.
Vern Shanoss  Clifford Wallace


While the main cabin was going up construction of the guest cabin began.

An Alaska chainsaw mill was used to flatten 3 sides of the building logs. My poor back.

Anyone stopping in was usually put to work.


In early 2000 the main cabin was added onto, more than doubling in size.

An arched opening was cut into the wall with a chainsaw to join the two up.

Hot Spring Lodge


  1. Nice work!! Hope you had some time to soak the back cutting all those logs.

  2. wow great to see these pics Robin...

    that ol boomer truck did a few log cabins down in the Inshuckch territory

  3. those days were were something else...we built log home with left over logging on that property