Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday 2012

     I've had a pretty quiet spell for a few weeks. I'm glad Spring has finally put some warmth in the sun, and this long weekend was spectacular. There was a full moon and a pretty good frost for the first night or so, and I bet there were some cool campers down there at the hot spring a few mornings. There were an estimated 30 outfits camped out down there every day and a fair amount of day trippers coming and going. 

 Not much of a picture of the hot spring facility, but there were some people in skimpy bathing suits I was trying to keep out of the frame.

 Back down at this end of the property I had a nice Russian family in the guest cabin most of the weekend I did my best to entertain.

All indications are they had the time of their lives. So much fun they decided to stay over an extra night, raising an alarm at home and getting the RCMP out looking for the guests gone M.I.A. at the hot spring!.

My buddy Josh arrived with several guitars and we treated them to a live 'set' on the Saturday night.

You may recall back a few posts about the wooden bear from the hot spring needing repairs last year and receiving a new lease on life. I had him set up by the front porch here until I got organised enough to move it back down to the hot spring, and I was getting pretty used to it being there, coming up with all kinds of excuses to put off taking him back down to the hot spring and turning him loose.
I have to admit, myself, and anyone else associated with the place, were getting a little sick of hearing, "Wheres the bear?".
During a walk thru of the campsite I happened to mention to Jill Lobley that I had briefly considered their help in relocating the bear back to his original spot. She was camped out with a large outfit up for the annual Easter trip to T'sek.  I was thinking more in terms of next years visit for this project, and immediately realised my mistake. She charged off at a dead run and next thing I know bear nappers of every description have emptied out of her campsite and converged on the Lodge.
 They cornered the terrified bear at the front deck and fired him into the back of my pick up, forcing me to drive.
The inert captive was transported down to the hot spring then loaded onto my rubber tired wagon and wheeled back to his familiar spot, leveled up and turned loose. First we had to line up to get back in.
 Turned loose in familiar habitat. Everyone back off before the tranquilizer wears off.

Takes a lot of engineers to handle a big job.