Tuesday, January 3, 2012


     Once a year or so the peace and quiet is broken by an invitational weekend camp out jam in the front yard called "Skookumstock".
We don't get any big names all the way out here, my biggest claim to fame was Jimmie Hendrix's cousin showing up once.
The tour buses start to show up early. This one came from clear across the lawn.


Hollywood Dave

Nic Bris and his Martin guitar. Said he knew a thousand songs, and was right.

Bass player Ross Edwards, clapper Sharlotte O'Brien, Guitarist Angelo Srergiakis.

You can see we really pack in the crowd.

 My favorite drummer shows up every time by popular demand.

                               Take five.

 I've been fortunate to have played gigs with some pretty good musicians.
2010 Canada Day Pemberton BC

June 2011, opening for recording artist George Leach, Seton Portage BC

Headlining 2011 Inshuckch Days.
Ross Edwards, Archie Peters, Robin T, Wide Open Range

Reno Morrone keys, Vince Eastman lead, Joni Miller bass, and me, outstanding musicians with original material, start of something good until Vince's untimely passing last year.
Check out the Miller Eastman video on Youtube,  Last Generation Blues

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