Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Year Sofar In Pictorial.


Up at the intake-pond, the screens stayed free of ice during the cold weather and had no power issues.

Everything was going along just fine until the middle of the month, then it began to rain like hell.

It came down on the snow pack and turned the intake-pond into a nightmare.

You know the old story...

Only spent about five days on the back-up generator, which wasn't so bad for the Winter, so far.

In between power outages I bounced into town one Friday where Josh and I played to a packed Legion Hall, opening for Dakota Pearl and kicking-off the Pemberton Winterfest and I think it was the probably the most fun I've had all year.

Spring on the way...
The snow washed away by the beginning of February, and I figured an early Spring was here and began to dream up all kinds of projects for this year.
Then it snowed again, it didn't last long, more heavy rains washed it all away once more.

Second time lucky maybe.

I think we got the nasty part of Winter over with now, and looking forward to getting busy out there.

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