Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Perfect Day Up The Mountain.

   Casey is a regular Hotspringlodge lurker and commenter and came up this week for his bi-annual camping trip to the hot spring, so I fueled up the quads and took him up the mountain behind for an afternoon adventure, I figured the conditions up top were going to be just right. 
The first part of the route up is usually in bad enough shape, but it was a little challenging after the Fall/Winter storms we've had, with wash-outs, steep rocky climbs and canyons eroded where run-off had charged down the road. 
I'm not sure if poor Casey had quite that much adventure in mind when I invited him out for 'a little scoot up the mountain', and he must have wondered where I was taking him and if I was trying to kill him off in the process.

 Before we hit the snow, we entered an inversion, and it was considerably warmer up there than it was down in the valley bottom, and jackets were rolled-up and strapped to the rack.

I figured on seeing wolf or cougar tracks up there for sure, but the only sign we crossed were a pair of week old elk tracks, or moose maybe, it was hard to tell, neither of which are numerous out in this country.

About a 1000 meters, looking towards Garibaldi Park boundry.

 We stood around up there for the longest time, just taking it all in. It was glorious. The window was just right, it was the perfect day. It was warm, there was hardly a cloud in the sky, and the Hondas rode on top of the crust, my favorite riding conditions. We should have packed a lunch and had a fire. I should have packed a chain-saw too, as there were several wind-falls we had to prop up enough to get under.
I should have taken more pictures too, but I think I was having too much fun.

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  1. I have been up that road many times on my motorcycle but not that far. It get's really ruff and I didn't want to hurt myself being alone and all that. Besides I can't ride on snow easily as I am old and brittle. Thanks again Robin. Casey.