Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Day Before Christmas

   Just a quick post today, this Xmas eve. I know there are a few folks out there planning to come out and camp at the hot spring over the holiday week, and theres been lots of questions about the conditions out here. I've got a few headed out to stay here too.

I took the quad down today to see what was happening at the hot spring and did a lap around the campsite with the blade down.

 I bumped into this happy outfit at the gate, who braved the slippery road out to visit the T'sek hot spring for the first time. They all piled on the quad with me for a picture, and I got one myself too.

The only trees I pack inside are ones cut to stove-length size. 
I started putting Christmas lights on the pointsetta about 7 years ago. I'll leave the damper open on the stove-pipe so St.Nic can find me, although I'm not sure just how good I've been all year. 
I think theres even a treat or two for the cats under the Hotspringlodge Christmas 'Tree".
So..., to you, dear readers, happy holidays from the 'lodge, and a very special Merry Christmas goes out to my little girl Caitlin. :)

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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Keep up the Wonderful posts.And see you in 2016. Casey