Sunday, December 13, 2015

Pineapple Express, Bobcats, and Cold Fingers.

The Pineapple Express that has been coming through here in waves for the past week has about run it's course. Some of the metropolitan areas got hit pretty hard but turned out it wasn't as bad as expected out here.
It poured alright, but let up for long enough during the day usually the creek level didn't rise too drastically. It had been washed clean of debris the first big wash down we had a week ago. The power-plant was down that first night, but has run like a top all week.

With the fluctuating water level a small run of chum salmon came up to spawn in the gravels down in front of the Lodge.

The Winter fish run always attracts the local Bobcats to their favorite fishing hole. They wait patiently on the crossing-log until some unsuspecting salmon splashes its way up the shallow channel

I watched the head bobcat take two big fish yesterday, which are almost the size as the cat.

My two cats are terrified of them of course, but like to spy on them from the safety of the deck.

Josh arrived back out and we decided to go up the mountain this afternoon and see how the upper creek-bed survived the last high-water.
The freezing level has dropped and it didn't take long to run into a little snow.
We came upon these late season bear tracks, very fresh, from minutes before probably, on his/her way to the high country to den out. See you in fruit season bear.

We never did get out of the cloud, sunshine was just above us, but it was an interesting effect in the fog up there. It was cool too, and I was warming my hands on the motor every time we stopped.
That was a good day. 
Supposed to have one more blast of wet weather, then its going to cool off and turn to snow. Maybe.
The calm before the storm today.

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  1. Glad to see you have an eager assistant there Robin. Always enjoy the read and love what your team is doing up there.