Wednesday, December 16, 2015

First Snow

   The first snow of the season is always kind of interesting, although after a day or two the novelty wears off pretty quick. We got our first dump several nights ago.

It melted off considerably the next day with the warm temperatures.
Last night a cooler front came through and brought the temperature down.
T'sek hot spring steaming in the cool air this afternoon.
The snow makes tracking easy, this raccoon was heading for the river in  search of fish. 
Out on the quad today I ran across bobcat, coyote, and wolf tracks, all within sight of the Lodge.

This time of year, mid December, the sun goes behind the mountain just after 1:00, making for a short afternoon, so if your going out to do something you got to get at it, because it cools off early.
I found the sun again today further up the mountain-side, making a trip up to my intake again to give it a little maintenance and prepare it for snowy, cold weather coming this way.

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