Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend, and the day after.

 The Canadian Thanksgiving was this past weekend, and it was sure a wet bugger. The tail-end of some disturbance out in the Pacific apparently. Another one of those times I almost felt sorry for all those campers huddled under their tarps down there at the hot spring campsite.  I wandered down under my umbrella, but it looked like they were all having a great time regardless. Having a hot spring sure helps in nasty weather.

The hot spring source was steaming in the rain.
The weather brought the river up. It was wet all right, and windy too, blowing down a few trees across the road.
I spent most of the weekend holed up in the shop on my back under pickup no.1  
Before the weekend I had decided to check out a little annoying noise from the rear end, and next thing I knew I had rear-end guts all over and the place stinking of gear oil.

In the olden days out here, I would of had to hitch-hike all the way to town to order parts, and probably end up walking most of the way, or flag a local down on the road and give them my credit card to round up parts for me in town. Come to think of it, in the olden days I would have been working outside on the wet ground too.  These days I can get on the Internet to round stuff up, usually. I emailed the owner of the auto parts place up in Pemberton. I received an automated message back almost immediately that read...'Gone hunting'.  
I dug around for the card I recalled I had from a parts kid down in Squamish, then wrote him a detailed note about the parts required. After about a day and a half waiting for a reply, I started working my way down my email list of anyone who might be coming up for the long weekend. 
 Finally,  some long time hot spring folks Rick and Gail offered to round up some Ford parts down in the big city and dropped them off on the way by Friday. That's pretty good service way out here, and I had something to do for the rest of the weekend.
I remembered another little emergency I had going on. It seems there had been a mis-calculation on the cat food order the last trip to town. My two chubby guard cats were in danger of having to fend for themselves. 
 At the last moment I got on the T'sek Hot Spring Official facebook site and posted if anyone was coming up, there was a cat-food emergency at the Lodge.  
 I posted a picture of my pitiful looking, soon to be starving cats, for effect.
Camper Liane offered to include a huge bag of cat-food with her camping grocery order and thus averted a certain feline famine. That's pretty good service too, especially considering I didn't have enough money to pay for it.

Today it broke clear as a bell, now that all the campers have gone home of course.

ChUk and I pulled out the hot-tub heater today to check out, its developed some problem.
If it isn't one goddamn thing, its another.


  1. We can't have rear-end noise...Not on thanksgiving. Cheers Casey

  2. It would more than likely be caused by the brusell sprouts.