Friday, October 2, 2015

Back In The Saddle.

   Well, looks like it's been a few months since I've posted here. I get out of the habit and it is always difficult to start in again, like I don't know quite where to start. So I suppose the best idea is to just start right up again like it never happened.
  Fall is here early feels like, and I need to take advantage of this decent weather to bring in some wood. I usually keep a season or two ahead in the wood-pile but with all the storms and electrical problems we had this year I burnt through the entire contents of the wood-shed. Firewood is not as easy as you may think to find out here, and I should have been working at this a long time ago, but during the Summer it was so dry it was unwise to work in the woods, anyways it was too damn hot. Then it got too wet to go out for wood. Then along came that little matter of the heart attack I had a few weeks back. Oh I'm OK, not much of a story there, it came on while chasing a bear out of the yard. I got a  ride in the back of an ambulance to the big city and a stay at Vancouver General for a bit. They stuck some little part up in there and turned me loose again. Like I say not much of a story there and I'm as good as I was before, but it sure interfered with some Fall projects I had planned.
 I went out on the bike a few days back scoping out some year old log slash I knew of about 10 miles down the road then took the truck down the next day.

I took along a 100' cable to drag logs out to where I could get at them. They usually got hung-up on a stump but close enough to buck them up and toss the rounds out towards the road.

 Oh bastard. During one of my numerous tea breaks I left the thermos on the rear bumper and backed away. I heard a couple crunches as both wheels went over it about the same time I noticed it wasn't on the seat next to me.

It didn't break inside, and the flattened out cup is actually easier to drink out of I found.

 I brought in and split two of my little pickup loads over a couple sunny afternoons and didn't fall over dead so it looks like the old heart is good for go now. That's a good start and I'll try to half fill the shack over the next few weeks if the weather holds.


  1. Take care! Glad to see the posts again and that you're doing fine.

  2. I'm glad you're ok! Be careful when you do the hard work that must be done. I know.. easier said than done.
    Best regards,
    Anna in Sweden

  3. Glad everythings ok now.It was nice to see you when I was over there.I forgot to ask how's the book coming ? Casey.

  4. Glad to hear you are better! I will be coming up the weekend of the 16th and will come see you :) Take care of yourself! See you soon.

  5. Alright, it looks like I've milked all the sympathy out of this I'm going to get. Thanks for all the well wishes folks. I'm as 'good' as I was before, which is the best a person can ask for.
    Casey-The book is in the works, still. Good things take time I've heard.
    I need a couple more stories, I'm waiting for a few more things to happen to me.
    Now that I haven't died I'll have all kinds of time on my hands.!
    Regards, and thanks for the comments. :)