Friday, June 26, 2015

Mountain FM Taping.

    Between practices, we jumped in Josh's truck (seeing it was the newest) and drove 2 hours to Whistler today to sit down and tape a promo for the battle of the bands this weekend.
I drove, seeing I was the oldest, and acted as chaperon for those two.

 We decided that I was pretty lousy radio material, and we best keep Nate off the air for good reason (by his own admission), so it was all up to Josh.

Tyler Barr was the afternoon guy, and got him settled into the seat in front of the mic.

After a short chat, Josh threw down an un-plugged 10 Minutes in one great acoustic take. Nate and I stayed behind the partition, well away from the mic, giggling, playing air drums and guitar, and really digging it all. We will be doing the song as part of our set on Saturday, fully rocked up.

We stopped on the way back and had a look at the venue, The Meadows at Pemberton Golf Course at base of Mount Currie.

It was pretty quiet today, the crew is arriving tomorrow to set up the stage etc. When we see this place again on Saturday, it will look a lot different. And there will be 7 other bands trying for that spot at the Pemberton Music Festival. Got your ticket? Its going to be some show.

Listen to interview and '10 Minutes' here...

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