Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Thoughtful Spot, No Tools Required.

 The water level out front has dropped, earlier this year than it usually does. 
During these hot afternoons it is rather pleasant to hang out close to the water, and as hard as it is for you to believe, I do on occasion take time out of my busy non-schedule for a reflective moment here and there. I found down the bank out front here works pretty good if the need ever arises, but I got tired of standing around during periods of extended reflecting.
I sat down the other night to design a bench for down there next to the water. 
I decided to spare no expense, and figured a custom made low bench with arm-rests would be just what I needed for my periodic mental wellness. 
I went shopping for supplies at the junk wood-pile over by the big fire-pit.
I found pretty close to what I needed in stock and piled it on the wagon. ChYk helped, then escorted me over and supervised while I hucked it all over the bank to the construction site below, and began to install it as per the instructions.

My 'low bench with arm rests' didn't turn out quite as I had expected.
I discovered it worked better if I installed the arm rests on the bottom.
You should see me trying to assemble Ikea furniture.
Location is everything. The water was several feet deep there a week ago, amazing how fast it can drop.The fact this area floods several times a year probably explains what happened to the last 'thoughtful spot' bench
Yes, I think this may work just fine for the occasional break from my non-schedule, if the need ever arises. There looks to be just one thing missing though...

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