Thursday, June 18, 2015

Invasion Of The Booger Plants.

    I can appreciate a flower, even though I'd have a hard time identifying one by its proper name, but they need to know their place. A few posts ago I wrote about the full-time job mowing lawns around here during the Spring growing season. I neglected to mention that at one point, to my relief, the grass growth slows down to a tolerable level, then the booger plants appear, seemingly growing to your knees overnight. I suppose theres a fancy name for this vegetation, some might even call it a flower. To me, and anything else that pops up on the lawn falls into the same category, Booger plant. Not to be confused with Jigger bushes, that I have an on-going battle with that try to take over the far end of the clearing, thats another story.

Booger plants (dandylinus paininthe assus)
Don't let their mild demeanor fool you, they are out to take over the world.

I suppose the effect is not entirely un-appealing.
Booger plants come in several colors. Theres the common yellow booger, and the not so aggressive white booger, that has more sense and tends to grow in areas I don't mow. I suppose theres another name for the white boogers too, I'm tempted to say...Daisy. (daisyus paininthe assus)
  Well, you are probably thinking to yourself, what the hells so bad about flowers/boogers popping up in your yard. I have to admit they are a bit entertaining, they close up at night and open bright yellow when the sun comes over the mountain, and follow as it crosses the sky then close up again. The problem is when they close up, it just looks like you have a scraggly yard. People tend to drive in when its in this state, often remarking,"Whats the matter, your lawnmower broke?"
Then after they leave it breaks out in color like an alpine scene from The Sound Of Music.
It gets difficult to walk around, especially if you are wearing open toed shoes. If you ride your motorbike down the airstrip you come back with your foot-pegs all loaded up. And eventually, the boogers have done their seasonal thing, and just become nasty looking weeds. 
  I usually put up with them for a week or so, then one late afternoon, when they are closed up so they can't look at me, I fire up the ride mower. That takes the boogers down to lawn level for another week before they come back with a vengeance. Eventually, they will cease to be a concern, just like in past years. Then the grass will begin to grow again.
An old softy, I mowed around and left one. I can appreciate a flower.

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