Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Last Days Of Summer

  The days are shortened up and cool nights that bring out the morning dew.

 But during the daytime it has been glorious sun and mild temperatures.
Time to roll up the hoses for the sprinklers, and put away the fire fighting equipment.

I took advantage of the nice weather to finish off sanding the front deck and stairs.

ChYk soaking up some rays.

Some folks in the guest cabin were keen enough to brave the pond out front, dog too.
Ms Applesauce was hanging around eyeballing the orchard, so figured it was time to harvest fruit.
 ChUk was a big help.

Boxes and boxes of apples, pears and plums.

Changed the oil and filters on the tractor.

It's sure a nice time of the year, and I try to get lots done around here before the fall monsoons arrive.
In fact, I better post this and get the hell back to work.


  1. I hope your making apple pie for my October camping trip to the hotspring? Casey.

  2. Hey Casey, how about some bear applesauce?!
    I figured you were making plans for the Fall trip, see you then.

  3. Thanks for the tasty apples - we had apple crumble for dessert at the campsite. And thanks for the directions to Moody's Lookout, but the 'monsoon' hit before we decided to try the hike. Hopefully next trip. We were also too lazy to stop in the second day in case you put us to 'work' again! Hope you're buttoned up snug and dry. ~Liane with Bill and Twins.