Monday, September 29, 2014

Busy Week Out Front

Awhile back a helicopter circled around and set down, some big wheels from BC Hydro climbed out and inquired about using the strip for a few days while they completed a project out here.

 A machine arrived early every day to drop off guys working on some communication systems.

The construction crew began to arrive.
The boss said, "There might be a few trucks showing up". Ended up being 9 of them out there.
They were replacing some insulators on a tower up the valley

While they were setting up a Search and Rescue Bison aircraft flew overhead, a training mission I suppose.

 The helicopter made trips every 20 minutes or so, flying men and equipment out to the tower. 
Going over the house all day was nearly enough to give a guy Vietnam flashbacks.
They wrapped up the end of the week.

Sunday, a friend of mine, Ken Wardstrom, arrived in his Cessna 172.

He came out to pickup the last two of these motorcycles I had in crates. I had a bunch of these made up overseas several years back, a cross between a mountain bike and a motorcycle, another one of my not so smart ideas that I don't think the world was quite ready for.
He had taken the seats out and the door off, and we managed to just fit the crate inside.

 He tied it down, put the door back on and away he went with a rolling start, the prop wash blowing my hat off backwards and into the hot tub. He'll be back in a few days for the other crated bike if the weather holds. He's hoping to fly one around in his plane for ground transportation, if that dosn't pan out, he has a couple grandkids that are quite interested in getting their mitts on these two little bikes.

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