Friday, September 12, 2014

InShuckch InVasion

    Every year the middle of August my good neighbors the InShuckch people  put on a weekend long, open to the public get together called InShuckch Days.  There are 3 small communities scattered in the valley which take turns hosting the annual event, and this year Samaquam upriver from here held the honor. I've always made accomodation available for the sound technicians, performers, and organizing crew that have to travel out to the territory.  Kerry Lumsden has been organizing the event most years and showed up on the Tuesday with the advance crew.
Gary, Raven, Shannon, Kerry.
It didn't take anybody long to get settled in.
 There was some spare time in the evenings and everyone tried the trolley across the river.

....And took their chances on the balancing log.

I heard a rumor they were all spending a considerable time down in the hot spring too.

 Chris heard how much fun everyone was having here and set up his tent down by the creek.

Gerald, a traditional dancer, arrived and took a bunk in the motor home, I forget who ended up in the trailer, and Raven slept out under the stars, which I think was probably the best spot.

All early risers, we took coffee and tea out front while the sun came over the mountain and it was time to go to work.

 To get to Samaquam I need to go upriver about 10 miles and cross the Lillooett then down the other side a few miles.

 InShuckch Mountain. 

Myself and a couple earlier generations have always got on great with the InShuckch folks, and I couldn't ask for a better bunch of neighbors. 
You can learn more about them all at this link.

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