Monday, December 24, 2012

December 24 2012 A Trip To The Trading Post

   I ran short of cat treats and decided to stock up before the holidays. Just a quick trip into town for a few things and right back out again, shouldn't take any more than 4 or 5 hours. It was shaping up to be a nice day too and I hated to leave. Xmas tomorrow so maybe a good idea to do some shopping too.
Here is my trip in pictorial.

 Parking was at a premium in downtown Pemberton. The town was busy with the holiday so I just groceried up and filled my jerry cans and truck with fuel and pretty much hit the road for home.

At the head of Lillooett Lake, soon I turn off onto the logging road home.
I had no sooner turned off onto the lake road when I come across a head on wreck at the 'blind corner'. There was a fella there ahead of me and it had just happened. Two locals met head on and quite hard, it is a wonder no one was seriously injured. The blind corner is right at the foot of a hydro tower and single lane so the road was closed until the emergency crews arrived and took over and hauled the wrecks out.

 In the end there were 8 emergency responders showed up. The road was closed for 2 hours or so.
Finally they got the situation cleaned up and I continued on my way.

 Some construction going on at the south end of the lake, a kilometer long stretch is being blasted and widened. The crews are off shift until the new year.

About 10k from home, in the worst possible spot, was an extended van with an end stuck in each snow bank. I went down and helped the guy shovel and no way we could get it to budge.

I ran the cable from my winch down and snagged onto something underneath.
I could pull him a little but my pickup was a little light and just skidded towards him.

 A local buddy of mine, Chuck Peters showed up and we chained his F150 to the back of my vehicle to anchor it enough to winch the heavy van uphill and opening the road, but it was an hour and a half there.

At any rate, I made it home just after dark, and in plenty of time to enjoy a quiet Xmas eve with the cats.
Merry Christmas from the Lodge.

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