Monday, December 10, 2012

Dec 10 2012

It is still pretty mild but there is frost in the hills all around.

 Been pretty quiet down at the hot spring, although there is usually an outfit or two around on weekends.

 The past rains we had brought up the side creeks a few weeks back. Enough that spring salmon were going up past the hot spring tubs and beyond as far as they could. This is just a drain channel that seldom has water in it, 20 years ago it was the road into the hot spring. The morning after I took these pictures it was dried up. This salmon has gone as far as he can and worked his way back downstream, looking for a deep pool.

 He and a few of his friends found a deeper pool downstream a little to survive for a few more days, but he had to crawl along like this for quite a ways first. I would go back and check every day when I walked down to the hot spring. As the pool got smaller, predators were able to snag a fish a night out.

 The BC Hydro machine flew by yesterday, every 3 weeks they fly the entire transmission line through the valley. They follow it low and slow and crab it sideways a little so the hydro guys can inspect the lines and towers.

Blackwater M.C. had a gig in town on the weekend and the guys came out for a couple days last week to practice and have a little r+r.
Ross and Josh enjoy the December sunshine.
We met up back in town later for the gig, and it was 4 am before I got back here.

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