Friday, January 9, 2015

The Great Diamond Caper

    I was out in the guest cabin a few weeks back, installing a new baseboard heater. I had moved a few items and rolled the carpet back, and was laying on the floor fighting with the wires and reached around for the pliers when something caught my eye.  A shard of glass I thought, and the range was just right, it is a wonder I saw it at all, sometimes I have a hard enough time finding my tools.
I'm staring at it and it kind of stared right back, that's a pretty fancy looking piece of glass I thought, and just had to pick it up and bring it in close.
Well I'll be damned if it wasn't a diamond! 
   Well it sure looks like one to me, not that I would really know,  but any fool can tell a diamond, and look at the size of that rock! Must be worth thousands, and somebody must really be missing this.
I went on-line to see just how good a windfall I had here. I sat down and googled...'how to tell if you have a diamond', and came up with a series of simple tests anyone with any sense is supposed to be able to accomplish. I wasn't the least bit surprised when my diamond passed in flying colors.
More or less.
Wow, this was some find compared to some of the stuff I've found in there. I figured I'd sell it for cash, and get something useful, like a new lawnmower or something along those lines.
Pretty soon my conscience began to pick away at me, some poor woman somewhere is completely heartbroken I'm sure. I went back through the emails with people who have stayed in there in the past while, asking them to 'check their settings' as I had found this very valuable diamond in there.
   Nope, no one missing a diamond, especially one of this magnitude. It was probably those rich Russian gals a few seasons back I convinced myself. They were all dolled up with expensive looking jewelry and probably knocked something loose on the fridge door, and I'm not sure how to get hold of them.
   A long shot, I thought of Jeanne, the weekly guest out there, you might remember her from the Attack Of The Grizzly Mouse post last June. She wrote back and said she wasn't missing any of the Queen's jewels, but would check with her co-hort, Ravleen.
   I pondered I might sell my diamond and get a new set of tires, a truck to put them on, and go on a party with the rest of the money.
I gave my huge diamond a name, The Star Of Skookumchuck. I may just open an interest bearing account and live a life of leisure, even more so than usual.
It sure pays for a man to have keen eyes, and a sharp mind.
  Jeanne, recalling the Attack Of The Grizzly Mouse post herself I'm sure, and hee-heeing to herself couldn't wait to email back later. She stated Ravleen had got back to her, and was not missing any valuables, although she recalled having a small, inexpensive rhinestone she had placed on the counter above the baseboard heater last visit. She noticed it missing, but had not bothered to look for it.
I promised I would keep an eye out for her rhinestone next time I'm in there...

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