Thursday, January 22, 2015

Road Closure, Again.

      Decided to go to town today as we were running low on cat food and gummy-bears around here.
An outfit has started a contract to upgrade a couple kilometers of the road along the lake, it was improved on either side in the past few seasons, and this remaining section will tie it all together. With the drilling and blasting and buggering around going on they close it for two hours at a time.  These two hour closures have become almost normal out in this country the past few seasons as they continue to upgrade the road in sections here and there. Its a pain in the ass alright, but I'm all for road improvements. I have a pretty good idea of how long it takes to get there without having to wait too long, and pulled out of here at 9 to connect with the 10 o'clock opening.
Didn't have to wait long, and spent 10 minutes chatting through the window to my pals Charlie and Vern before someone came and removed the barricades.

This was an interesting deal, and the first time I've seen one used. I stopped and asked one of the guys, he said it was an environmental measure, floating there somewhat like a net to retain run-off and silt to protect the lake during work along this narrow section here. Maybe they are going to fill in the corner a little and churn things up.
When you get to the traffic that is waiting at the other end, you get to wave to everyone you know!
Ran around Pemberton shopping, eating, filling up the truck and Jerry cans with that cheap gas we have right now and hit the road back, allowing an hour to the 2 o'clock opening, and arriving home just after 3, with groceries, gummy bears and cat food enough to last a couple weeks out here.

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