Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sunday Visitor

    One Sunday morning back in July an unfamiliar 180 buzzed the place, bringing me out of the shop. It circled around for an approach from the south, side slipping on the rudder into the narrow opening  between the trees and settling into the knee high field of dandelions out front.

Well turned out it was my cousin Bruce, with a new plane, stopping in on his way to the interior. We had a tea and a good visit before he decided it was time to continue on.

The daisy's were out in full bloom, so much so I expressed concerns over the extra drag on the landing gear.
I offered to mow out strips for his wheels and made a half dozen passes or so.

He climbed in, fired up and held the brakes while he checked the mags. He saluted and released the brakes, the 180 raced off the lawn and unimpeded by long vegetation, jumped off the first hump and climbed out then began a steep bank.

Of course he had to circle back around and buzz me again before carrying on to the Okanagan.

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