Sunday, September 22, 2013

Always Something.

There is no shortage of things to do around here let me tell you.
The old decking and associated walk ways down at the hot spring have been there for quite a number of years, and keeping up with replacing broken and worn boards is a constant thing. When I can fit it into my lax schedule sometimes I go down there and do some maintenance. That wore out old ramp up into the A-frame came up on the list this summer.

A quick trip over to the lumber pile and I was in business.

This time I had the luxury of building one in the shop, out of the sun and away from the bugs. It came all apart again so I could haul it down to the hot spring.
The old ramp was added to the A-frame when I built it back in 1996.

A quick pass from stem to stern with the chainsaw reduced it to manageable pieces. Joey showed up to see what was going on...
...and was immediately put to work. We hauled out the old ramp and left it for the campers to break up and burn, once the fire ban is lifted that is.

Some assembly required. Hows that go again?...
A little shovel work here and there...
A cinder block here and there...
A level?... that's a first.

A whole bunch of screws.

Slam bam. One nearly instant wheelchair accessible ramp into the A-frame tub.

There was a galvanised tub put in two years ago that has not stood up very well to the hot spring water and rusted through on the bottom.

I finally gave up on it and rolled it out.
I wheeled it up into the back of the pickup and hauled it to the bone yard. Something else will take it's place.

Its not unusual to have to send down the service vehicle to deal with buggered tubs.
I often leave my generator and tools there overnight while the fiberglass sets, no one ever buggers with my stuff.

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  1. Aww I liked the metal tub, it was just the right sittin' height for little ol' me, but I know that whatever you replace it with (eventually) will be great. Can't wait to get back up there, looks like you've been busy!