Monday, June 3, 2013

The Month In Review

    My regular reader out there may have noticed I have been off the air for quite a spell. Well that is going to happen now and again when I get busy or lazy.
I had to dig back in my camera to see what the hell I have been up to.

The inside tub needed to come out for repairs I remember.
I hauled it back down to the lodge here for several days of sanding and fiberglass work.

There was some high water back awhile. It was just normal didn't close the roads or anything.

It floats driftwood up on my lower lawn every year, then it recedes and I have to go down and get rid of it.

I got down there with my Honda quad and a trailer and loaded it up then transported it over to the big firepit for future use.

The May long weekend came along and the first thing I did beforehand was go down and winch some stumps out to block off a trail out the back of the hot spring campsite. People were starting to beat a trail out the back end.

I went to town to play for Melanie's annual birthday bash held with Mount Currie for a back drop. D'ale Lachance, Sam Field and I played until 2 am. when the local RCMP arrived and pulled the plug on the fun.

The hummingbirds have returned of course.

They go through several of these each day, and every few days I have to boil up sugar and water.
I have an active little mind and sometimes go onto other things.
Last week I got in my truck and started off for town. I got to this point here alongside the lake about 35 minutes from home, when all of a sudden I remembered that I had been boiling sugar on the stove. I slammed on the brakes and skidded around and stormed back. I skidded into the yard and got out and could hear the smoke alarm going off, then opened the front door to a solid wall of grey smoke. I opened all the doors and found my way to the stove.
Oh my...what a friggin mess.

It is almost a full time job around here right now keeping the vegetation beat down.

I've been sanding down the cabin in sections over the past year, and working on the front section for the last while. Today I pulled the trim around the doors and windows and refinished them. I'll strip the door in the next day or so and re-install all the trim and start brushing on the log finish.

Cat day afternoon.


  1. Robin your cats are so photogenic, I am glad they didn't become a foodsource.

  2. Robin , I am glad you remembered the sugar water !

  3. Well if you come by the campground looking for a bowl of sugar to borrow we know what to say now...
    Take Care Robin,

  4. Ya, and you all thought I was making moonshine this whole time! There are some people whom have come up to the hot spring this time for years, like Susan and Jen whom make a point of bringing a bag of sugar for my little Mexican inlaws. I may come around to the campsite looking for spare Paterno cookware sometime, I boil out and bugger several good cooking pots per year, but nothing as serious as this last one.
    Damn birds, but they are great entertainment.