Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fathers Day Trip 2013

I traveled to the Okanagan Valley on the weekend for a luncheon with a very special young lady. An accomplished community theater stage actor, published author, and all around sweetheart.

I've done the round trip over 150 times, 6 hours each way and it gets to be old hat. This is an interesting section of road hanging on that rotten mountainside south of Lillooett. Always rock raining down and no where you would want to stop.
The road between Lillooett and Lytton is thick with deer you need to watch out for, and several bands of bighorn sheep whom like this, pay little attention to vehicles.

Up on top of the Duffy Lake road there is a transition from the interior to coast topography.
It is always nice to do that left onto the gravel at the bottom of the hill and head down Lillooett Lake for home.

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