Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 16 2013 Out And About

   No events or musings to post today, just some sunny pictures I wanted to share, that's all. We have had a stretch of wonderful clear winter weather, as it often does here the middle of January.
 The mornings dawn like this most every day.
Anyone that lives out as I do will tell you the work load goes up as the thermometer goes down, it takes more work just to keep what you got.

It's not real cold or anything. Hovering at freezing during the day and dipping down considerably at night. 
As soon as the snow hardened enough to hold the motohorse I headed up the mountain the other day to do some cold weather prevention up at the water intake that powers my electricity.     

Mr Cougar and I just keep missing each other up there.

The intake pond up the mountain, water from here is piped down and runs the pelton wheel generator and provides the tap water at the lodge and down at the hot spring tubs, slurping between 200 and 300 gallons per minute, or 757-1135 litres. It is considerably colder up there than down here in the valley bottom. The water is near freezing and slush actually clogs my intake screen. It is not cold enough now, but sure as hell it will be. Conditions allowed me to get up there and put a mesh barrier around the intake screen to hopefully hold back enough of the 'frazzle ice' to allow me to keep generating power should we get a cold snap.

This is some of that water after it reaches here, from the tap in my kitchen sink, a degree or two above freezing as it is. I wish it was like that in the summer.

At least I haven't had to do any shoveling for awhile.

A good time to go for a tear down to the hot spring, see if I'm missing any excitement.

The road in is a little nasty right now, with deep frozen ruts, but once you get in there it is always worth it.
There wasn't a soul around though, and it can be the most peaceful place.

 Air conditioned campsites too.

The sun goes behind the south west mountains just after one in the afternoon, so it begins to cool off early.
I hopped on motohorse and charged up behind a little to where the sun was still shining.

 I ended up at the falls, a spot I often retreat to on hot afternoons in the summer.

 It just didn't hold the same attraction for me today I'm afraid....

Took this shot off the deck a few moments ago as I cook dinner, its going to be cool tonight. If I can make it another week or two with out freezing up, winters back will be broken I would think.

A few milestones in the old blog here. (I'm not sure if blog is the right term or not)
Recently we set a record for the most number of visitors in a day. !
A record today as well, for the most amount of countries in a day, at 12. !

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