Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Summer Of Smoke.

My international readers may not be familiar with the wild-fires that have been burning in British Columbia for the past month. The worst season anyone can remember, with thousands of folks evacuated from towns, lost homes, and many  thousands of hectares of the Province burned, and I hate to think what it's all costing to fight. 
   We have been fortunate in the Lillooett River valley to have not had any fires started, I don't think there is one burning within 100 km. of here. We were free of smoke for the most part, but were about to receive a daily reminder of the carnage going on in other parts of the Province
One morning a couple weeks back I was up in the high-country and caught the first whiff of smoke, and within hours it began to fill the valley below.

We've had an apocalyptic red sun during the day, with temperatures in the high 30's.

And a fearful apocalyptic red moon at night.

A time to be wary.

   Today it lightened-up a little and the forecast is for clearing weather over the next 4-5 days. I don't really mind the smoke, it has it's own strange beauty, but I detest the loss the fires cause to the forests and inhabitants, especially when so many are human caused. 
I'll be glad to see some blue sky and the sun again though, and an end to these damn fires.


  1. So sorry. I did not know before I read your post. I googled and read more about the wildfires in BC. It's so terrible :-(
    I'm so glad it has not spread to where you live. Stay safe.

  2. Hi Anna, similiar to the wild-fires that broke out in central Sweden back in 2014.

  3. The kids and I got stuck camping this year up near 100 mile house when it all broke out. Had to evac from Big Bar Lake campground and all.

    I can not wait until Winter.

    See you in December Mr T. Also thanks for the hat last X-mas as Yuki is still wearing it daily around the Lynn Valley area representing

  4. Those are some ominous photos. I have seen a blood moon before this summer, this year it is a blood sun. Striking photos Robin...