Sunday, January 29, 2017

Lost And Found, Camera Karma

      A number of years back now, when I was more involved with the day to day around the hot spring, I was down there one afternoon and bumped into a regular at the campsite who mentioned a camera had been left behind at one of the tubs the day before. That was nothing unusual, we were always getting left with stuff, but it was better than the USE (underwear-socks-empties) we were usually left with.
"The battery had a little life left in it." Rene said, 
"I took a look at the first few pictures, but didn't recognize anyone."
   Things were more casual at the campsite back then, and I suggested he leave it at the honor-box where anyone coming back for the camera would see it. I figured someone would come along that needed a camera and take it, or someone would just take it period, but the next day the camera was still sitting there. I brought it home and put in my desk in case anyone ever came asking, but it wasn't the type of camera you would drive all the way out here to retrieve, unless there was something important, or potentially embarrassing on there.
   One day months later in a fit of boredom I recall, I noticed the camera there in my desk drawer and I thought that idea Rene had of looking to see if you recognized anyone was pretty smart. I'm not so sure I would have thought of that, I hardly know how to operate my own camera let alone someone else's. The battery was long dead, but it looked like the charge cord needed was similar to an old camera I had around, which indeed it was. Feeling not quite right about the whole affair, I managed to get the camera turned on, then doing a quick shoulder-check, figured out how to bring up the display. 
   The first image was a group of people at some family celebration, holding up glasses in toast and certainly none I recognize. There were several more increasingly badly composed shots from the function, and I just about turned it off and put it down before fumbling ahead a few frames by accident.
Hmm, the open road, scenery, a summer motorcycle trip. This got my interest up, and scrolled through several more taken at stops of interest and smoke-breaks along the way through the BC interior it looked like.
"I bet they would sure like this back, with holiday memories and all." I thought, and was about to turn it off again, feeling disgusted with myself for invading someones privacy like this when I thought, what the hell, just one more.
It was a selfie taken of the ugly camera owner and his girlfriend.
I stared at them for the longest time, not quite believing.
"Oh hell," I said ..."Its those idiots."
   Well as it turns out, I knew this gentleman, using the term loosely, and his female companion. The pair had come under my radar over time around the hot spring a few seasons previous, which was never a desirable place to be if you had less than desirable habits. The reasons were plentiful, and the last time we met was when the pair of them were kicked-out of the campsite on a long-weekend, escorted outside the property-line, and advised to keep it that way.
They would appear out here in a black pickup, at least I was pretty sure it was the same a-holes.
I thought I'd better check a few more pictures to be sure.
   There were several taken of the bike by a roadside lake, with his girl posing suggestively in her amply stuffed halter-top.
And one or two of ugly him on the bike also I could have done without.
   The progression of vacation pictures goes along fairly innocently until finally coming to picture of the bike in front a cheap looking motel room.  There followed several of each other inside of the room, with a growing number of beer cans about, and a couple empty pizza delivery cartons on the floor, very much beginning to resemble their past campsites at the hot spring.
My eyes widened when the innocent nature of the vacation snapshots began to change for the worse, and not intended for others I would think.
"I shouldn't be invading these a-holes privacy like this." I thought to myself, then thought about turning it off before hitting the advance frame button by accident again I'm pretty sure is what happened.
   "Holy Mackerel!" I exclaimed, staring wide-eyed at the back of the Fuji camera.
It had begun to warm-up a little there in the motel room by the looks of things, and garments began to join the litter spread about the room.
"Holy... smokes." I sputtered as the action heated-up a few frames on.
Talk about tattoos in odd places, and a couple of those had to of hurt I would think.
I could have done without the zoom-action shots...I thought I knew what I was looking at, but then again not so sure what I was looking at.
   As I was afraid was going to happen sooner or later, ugly bastard figures out how to set the timer and sets the camera on the dresser to get his awful self in on the shots, which I could have done without also. His first attempts the camera must have been set on the 5 second delay, which appeared to be far too quick for this inebriated pair as they didn't quite have time to get into 'position' lets say. The next picture they moved faster and the stumbling duo almost managed to pull it off. They discovered the 10 second shutter delay that allowed them to get into whatever gymnastics were in order, and maybe get in a quick pull on the beer or drag on a smoke before the camera went off, ...but not always, and there was the odd off-balance tumble caught on there too.
   Like a train-wreck you can't look away from... I tapped the frame advance.
"Oh dear..." I commented on image 35.
"Oh gross!" I gagged a few later.
"Jeez...I didn't think that was possible." I pondered at one point.
"OMG!" I marveled at the next. 
Call them imaginative if nothing else, and I can only speculate on all the leaping back and forth that was going on in between with setting the timer and all.
"Eww...gross." I winced at frames 48, 49, 50 and 51.
I was pretty much speechless from then on I'm afraid.
I thought I had seen enough of these these two before, and I was seeing far more of them than I needed to now, and what had started as a weekend excursion had gone around the world a few times, among other things.
   Thankfully, the summer holiday memories turned back to scenes along the highway, and tourist spots along the way, but soon degenerated into another well documented romp at a motel, with some zoomed-in blurry underwater close-ups of some creatures out in the motel pool, I'm not sure what I was looking at. There followed a few pictures taken at home I assume, relaxing in the back-yard at the mobile home park, then the last few of the trip out here to sneak into the hot spring again,  leaving a mess and the camera behind.
    The following season I happen to have some bad luck with cameras, dropping one face first onto a rock, and then fumbling the newly purchased replacement into a creek. Recalling the a-hole's lost and found camera was shock-proof and obviously water-proof as demonstrated in the motel pool, I figured it had been sent to me for a reason. I dug it out of the drawer, charged it up and changed-out the x-rated memory card, and despite it's colorful history, used it to take all the pictures seen on Hotspring Lodge for the past few years.
But I'm done with it now, I bought a new one last summer for my Yukon trip.

I put it back in the desk drawer once more to hold for the owner.
I always keep a look-out for that black pickup with the dual-wheels down at the hot spring campsite, just for the pleasure of going over there with a great big grin and return their camera.
So, if this happens to belong to you, feel free to come around anytime and claim it.
And by all means, make my day, don't hesitate to ask for that memory card!

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  1. Good read Robin. You are the proud owner of a camera that no one will ever claim after that read...although maybe after this read "they" may want the camera back for notoriety.