Thursday, August 18, 2016

Vintage Bike Show, Adventure Ride.

    Something I had been looking forward to was the annual vintage motorcycle show a few days back down in Chilliwack. I had been afflicted with the vintage bug in a big way decades ago, but have since sold them all off in small lots here and there and moved onto other things. I was still interested in going down and having a look this year though. The shortest, and roughest route from here being the rugged West Harrison, or the Sts'ailes Forest Service Road which heads south and winds down along Harrison Lake and coming out in the Fraser Valley.
Josh and I got an early start, before the sun came up. It was going to be a long days riding.

We stopped at the log-sort yard at the head of Harrison Lake, the lake was like glass.

3 hours later we pulled into an eatery for breakfast, or brunch as it turned out.

Arriving at Chilliwack there was a pretty good turn-out for the vintage show.

Old bikes enough to fill two large buildings.
I ran across several that used to belong to me, like this 1968 Honda CL-450 I let go a number of years back.
The Bat Cycle from the 1960's TV program was there.

On the way back we stopped at the 20 Mile Bay Recreation Site partway up Harrison Lk.

It was hot and nice, and a bit tropical.

We stopped at the log-sort yard again for a break on the way back just as the sun was going down.

Arriving back here at the Lodge at dark 372 km. later, and slightly more wore-out than we were when we rode out that morning.


  1. Thinking of coming up that way.Is that a 4x2 or 4x4 road? Got myself a new rig.(2013 Toyota Tacoma off road)I shouldn't have any problems if the road isn't to bad? Casey

  2. Hey Case, 4x4 would be a good idea, the road is pretty good for the most part, you'll see some new country.
    Regards' R