Wednesday, March 18, 2015

So Long Old Freind.

   So it has been a few weeks now since the generator burnt up. I made another trip to the city recently to retrieve the remains from the rewind place. They told me nothing I didn't already know, that it had served its life, which hasn't been an easy one spinning around out there for 14 years and I reckon I had got my moneys worth out of it.
I asked him what I should do with it.
"Boat anchor, that's about all its good for." he advises me.
My new boat anchor came with nearly a $200 bill to take it apart and estimate it's demise.
They plopped it into the back of my truck with a fork-lift, and I headed back wondering indeed,...what the hell was I going to do with it.
 I brought it home one last time, picked off the regulator, the shaft-key, and saved some of the shroud bolts I've noticed vibrate out sometimes. But beyond that, theres nothing worth keeping around for spares, anything I'd ever probably ever need someday has been worn or frazzled out already. And I knew if I unloaded it out here, it would sit around and be in the way for who knows how long.
A fitting burial was in order.

I just about busted my guts skidding the housing and all your innards out off the tail-gate, but after 14 years, so long old generator. For over 120,000 hours you've lit up my life, warmed the structures, heated the hot-tub, dried my jeans and froze my food, not to mention amping up my drum kit.
It was never any trouble either, I had a main connection or two burnt off over the years I had to fix but never had a single problem with the generator its self. Unlike the pelton-wheel and intake screens its hooked up to, that as you know I'm always fiddling with due to some new storm or mechanical calamity. But its time to move on. I'd feel a lot worse for my old friend here, if it wasn't for the fact the brand new replacement is not far away.

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