Friday, February 6, 2015

Deja Vu All Over Again.

   Well just like happened back in December, we've had a banana monsoon going on again for the past couple days, washing out the roads and causing slides and making a nuisance of it self again.

Its jumped the culvert once more out behind here. After they just spent 5 grand fixing it from the last blowout. Numerous spots between here and town are causing problems, although the road is still open, theres rocks on the road and creeks flowing across and fun stuff like that.
The creek down at the hot spring is up. It does this now and again under conditions like this.

Runoff from the old road above jumps the culvert and pours over the bank into the hot spring pool, which in turn cools off and overflows onto the lower area.

I had taken a shovel down with me in anticipation of this, and managed to collect the run off in a small ditch and divert it off and away from the hot spring source. It will take a day or two for the water to get up to temperature again.

And oh ya, I'm running on back up  power around here again. All my pipes and stuff got blown out of the intake pond up the hill again, and I just fixed it a month and a half ago the last banana monsoon. And its still raining. This is going to be some long-weekend, campers beginning to arrive down at the hot spring, and my first batch of guests just pulled in for the trailer and cabin facilities here.


  1. You should be fine Robin, this Pineapple Express is wreaking havoc down here as well. Keep you chin up and your feet on the pegs!!

  2. I have seen water at the springs before but never like this. Good thing your place is high and dry. Guess I'll wait with visiting until late March. What does "my place" look like? Could you send me picture if it is higher than the one in 2012? My St.Agnes collection grows and grows. Take care.


  3. Rene', it was mostly the side creeks that caused the problems. The Lillooett River came up some, but 'your site' is untouched. The hot spring is back to normal as of today, I still have power issues, I think I can get it running. I'll post something tomorrow. It just started raining again. See ya in the Spring.