Saturday, December 13, 2014

Weather System Passed

   It quit raining finally, and the system seems to have moved on. 
Still running on generator power, and will be for some time yet, I'm antsy for the road to open so I can get pipe to repair my system. My unexpected guests that got marooned out here are quite enjoying the stay in the guest cabin, we've been sending over food hampers as they only came out prepared for a day trip.
The creeks and river have just started to go down, however slowly.

A pile of wood from the slide hung up on the bar out front, I'll be looking at that until the Spring floods.

 The Falls, below where I gather water for the power system, but not right now of course.
A section of my busted up intake, this started off at the top of the falls as an 8' section.

Helicopters still going over shuttling food around to the small remote communities.

The little creek by the hot spring is a little high but no bridges floated off this time.
One outfit camped out there until the road opens.

Quite mild though, mild enough to take lunch on the front deck.

I had to go rescue a fella tonight who got into a hole down the road aways, with a little chain, my winch, and a few wet feet we managed to get him out, just barely.
Never a dull moment around here.
The road crew is working their way down, repairing the washouts and missing bridges, they are still quite aways off, and difficult to say how long it might take.

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