Friday, June 27, 2014

Breakin' In The Pemberton Barn

    A week or two ago the village of Pemberton completed an impressive post and beam structure in a central location downtown for use as a farmer's market and a few other special functions now and again, and Mount Currie serves as the majestic backdrop for this great looking building.
Blackwater MC was invited out yesterday to provide a little ambient rock and roll for the Farmers Market..

Josh Fairbrother, Ross Edwards. We got asked to turn it down a couple times of course, we wouldn't be a real rock band if they didn't have to come and tell us to crank it down at least once, but all in all it was a good layed back gig, and the afternoon crowds are always fun. We've been invited back for a Friday night whoop-up soon too.

One thing that I always enjoy about playing the local market is the early hours, and coming home in the evenings while it is still light. Lillooett Lake is like glass in the evenings, and it is nice to pull over and chill for a bit.

 Alas, it was almost an incident free gig....I arrived in the yard and got out to find I aquired another flat on the old Safari tour bus. This has to be the 4th tire I've buggered on it this year, its those damn passenger car tires on it I'm sure.

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