Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Year In Review. Sofar

     The little bit of snow we had the end of last year melted off with the mild temperatures during January. This brought the creek out front up enough for some salmon to make their way up from the main river.
Usually this run would have occurred a month or so earlier, but finally all the conditions were right and a small number of salmon were active in the spawning beds out front here at the Lodge.
This attracts attracts the local bobcat. Probably the only chance he has to get his paws on a fish, so he's willing to brave sitting at his fishing hole out front here in broad daylight to do so.
My guard-cats, ChUk and ChYk. They watch the bobcat fishing down there and chatter and growl at it.
Eventually his patience pays off and a fish will venture into the shallow riffles between pools. He's not shy about getting wet and will leap right in there and emerge with a great flopping fish then head for more secure surroundings. The fish runs only last a few days before the water drops again.

It cleared up in February and cooled off, the mornings were brisk and frosty, but the days were just right.
The loggers used the clear, still conditions to burn some old slash piles in the valley. The smoke hung about and gave it a summer fire season look and smell.

Been pretty quiet down at the hot spring, esp. during the week. It livens up a little on weekends though.

Cool ice art.
A line to one of the campsite water taps froze and split in the cold, the spray made a cool ice sculpture.

I got this old geezer to stand in there for size reference.

The skating pond out front froze over nicely.

At the end of February I figured we had winter beat, then it decided to snow.

Two days ago I drove into town and it was over 10 degrees.

Lillooett Lake, taken through my sun glass lens.
It was a beautiful start to Spring, or so I thought.

 Then the next day it colded up and snowed a skiff.
Today it really started to come down, March is in like a lion for sure.
I better go plug that tractor in again.

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  1. Some nice before and after photos of the weather there. It snowed here in Port Coquitlam today but turned into rain in the evening. When I first looked at the photo of the bobcat I thought it was ChUk but he dines at the Lodge. PS. Why don't you get the old geezer to fix the hole in the water line? Casey.