Monday, January 27, 2014

Hotspring Lodge, Acrylic on Canvas.

    I was doing a routine peruse around Google pictures early this morning and was surprised to come across a wonderful painting of a familiar looking front yard.
The painting was called, interestingly enough, Hotspring Lodge.
I contacted the artist today and left a comment on her site. Her name is Iryna Kharina, and said she visited here in August 2012. I often see people loitering around down at the end of the air strip and wonder what their doing. The hot spring trip produced two paintings, this one, and another looking from the 'stump farm' camping area over the river towards Fire Mountain.
She thanked me, "...for the beautiful landscapes that inspired me to paint".
Well, your very welcome Iryna.
Have a look at her site, she has really interesting work .


  1. That is a really nice painting Robin.
    It is a really recognizable view for sure, how did you find it?



  2. I saw her blog, wow she has some talent there. She also painted on from my favorit was already sold. I would have bought it for sure.

  3. Ya thats right, you like that spot. She is coming back this Spring, I'll get her to paint another one for you!