Sunday, December 1, 2013

Refinishing The Lodge.

   In spent most of July 1995 staining the cabin here, and I recall crabbing about the $40 a gallon cost of the sealer which I recall buying in huge 5 gallon containers. It never really occurred to me at the time that eventually it would deteriorate and have to be sanded down and reapplied. It needed it a few years ago but I put it off as long as I could, then began to tackle it  a wall at a time.
Exposure to the elements over the years had taken its toll on the logs and finish.

I needed to fix were a bear tried to climb the bedroom wall back a few years, for reasons known only to himself. Imagine laying in bed at night and have this going on a foot and a half from your head.

I have two different sized grinders with different sanding discs, one for lineal and one for the notch corners. Its a nasty job, even with mask and goggles.
I let the first coat sit for a few days before applying the second.

Anyone making the mistake of stopping in looking for work was handed goggles mask and a grinder. Pretty soon word gets around and I end up having to do it myself, that's what happens to you if you don't stay in school kids. I got my old stunt double to finish it off this summer.

That stuff I spread all over the logs has climbed to $80 a gallon over the years.

It sure looks better though.

You need to remove trim etc and refinish that as you go.

 Railings and show spots are sanded by hand between coats to give a sheen.
All the spindles and railings were taken apart to be sanded down, and I have done that once already 8 years ago or so
Well I've got the south exposure all done, next year I'll start around the other side and do the guest cabin as well.....anyone looking for work?


  1. I'd be tempted to leave the bear marks as I think they are cool

  2. Like most jobs around here it is high on wilderness ambience and includes lots of free character building. It may include a nice little cabin for accomodation too.

  3. I think the bear tracks up the log wall are most cool as well, so far they have been spared the sander.

  4. Kind of scary, when you really think about it!

  5. Sometimes the silver look of unfinished wood looks nice.Casey