Monday, November 18, 2013

Slide Conversion, Past Lives

Some of you old timers out there may remember 35mm slides. Back before the days of digital it was considered a pretty good medium for capturing memories. Since the 1960's I have accumulated boxes and boxes of them. I recently purchased a rig that converts the dated old slides to digital and have just begun the job. I hadn't seen any of them for some time and it is interesting to dig out some random slides and have a good chuckle. Jogs the old memory too, more stories and adventures to relate over the coming cold Winter.

 I've got a batch of early ones, like this one from 1970.
The start line of my first race.
I was such a cute little bugger back then, I don't know what went wrong.

 I've got plenty to write about with all that fun we had chasing gold in Yukon long ago as well.
June 1980, consulting the topographical map, Eureka Dome YT.

 Upper Rosebute, Sept 1980.

The Brainstorm. It transported loads on the Yukon back then, in the olden days.

Heading overland with the D6 cat, camp carried up on the canopy.

 Home on the range.

 Gold drilling rig . We took this on ourselves. Mounted on a tracked carrier, this contraption would pound a hole into the concrete hard permafrost and bring up samples of gravel.

 Drill set up on  Stowe Ck. March '80

 I dropped a cat into a creek crossing one day out on the Montana Ck. flats which was a real pain in the ass to extricate out of there. I'll write about it sometime.
I can laugh about it now, it was a long time ago.

And wouldn't you know it, I dropped my motorcycle into the very same creek crossing later on, with much the same result.You think I would have learned the first time.

Sluicing, right fork, Eureka Ck YT.

I dug into the box of slides labeled Central America and grabbed a handful. 

Visiting ruins March '95. I wore the hat down and brought it back, and made a lampshade from it that is still in use here at the Lodge.

 Jungle crew bus.
 Blanco's Bar and Grill, our cook shack at the beginning.

Trust me to find the soft spots...

 Well I'm getting ahead of myself, and I can see this is going to be quite the undertaking. So I'll just dole them out here as required for stories as I go.

Dawson Yukon, June1980. Those were the days...

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