Monday, November 5, 2012

Today November 5 2012

This time change has thrown me for a loop, and I find myself getting up at 4:30 am.
The early dark in the afternoon takes some getting use to as well.
However, with the longer dark hours I will probably get back to posting more regular, it has been a month again but boy have I been busy with getting ready for winter. I've been having some issues with posting pictures that are not sorted out yet so I hope this works.

My days begin early, at the computer reading the news and surfing for a few hours.

Once it begins to get light I like to retire to the hot tub and plan my day, or not.

 The rains the past week have brought up the channel out front a little, surprised I'm not seeing some fish coming in to spawn.

 The Fall colors are just about ready to fall all over the lawn and make a big mess.


I strolled down to the hot spring and had the place to myself.
I very seldom actually go in, it has always been a different deal for me down there. I've always looked at it as something to keep up or maintain authority over so it has always been a work type thing for me.

I checked the forecast and looked like this might be the only nice day for a bit so I decided to make one last trip for firewood. We are a long ways from getting snow here but when it does that is it for going out for wood. I store it ahead for the campers in need, as much as I hate to deal with it.
I have enough for myself, I use very little ,only lighting the wood stove when my power goes out.
Thats looking south towards Billygoat Canyon.

ChYk cat nappin.

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