Friday, July 20, 2012

July 20 2012 High Water

   We are experiencing the spring run off still. It doesn't do much here at the cabin other than back up and leave driftwood on the lower lawn.

Down at the hot spring campsite it erodes areas of the river bank.

There are some areas between here and town the road can get covered with water, although it is sure better than it use to be. There has been considerable work done to the road in recent years, and not too often these days you can't get to Pemberton for groceries.
This long stretch was formidable in the olden days, but now hardly even comes over the bumper.

This spot at the end of the lake usually turns unfamiliar traffic back. The road is underneath there but the last thing you want is to drown your vehicle, the level can change by the hour.

There are several bird baths along the lake you hardly need to slow down for.

Forestry campsite along Lillooett Lake.

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