Friday, November 25, 2011

Post no 1 Introduction, Heli Trip.

Post #1 
    My name is Robin Trethewey, and I live in one of the most magical places on earth.
Located in the rugged coast mountains of British Columbia north of Vancouver in the InShuckch territory is the most wonderful hotspring. My first nation neighbors called it T'sek. (chick) Others named it St. Agnes Well, or Skookumchuck hotspring.  Not a day goes by that I don't marvel at the sheer good-natured energy of the place, or at some point stop in my tracks in awe at the splendor.
In the twenty years I have been at the remote location it has gone from living in a second hand travel trailer with a herd of mice to residing in a good sized log lodge with numerous out buildings and a gravity fed pelton-wheel to generate electricity.
I live by myself, in a lifestyle that most can only dream of.

I am an intensely private man that keeps much to himself, but I'll let you follow me around a bit if you like. Let me blog you a taste of day to day life out here, a place this big takes quite a lot of effort and different skills to keep up. We might get into adventures up the mountain, chase a bear from the garden, or just go for a walk with my two cats, Chyk n' Chuk. Every day is unique out here.
I will no doubt delve into the local history according to me, explore some local yore, and possibly introduce you to some of the local 4 and 2 legged wildlife. The subject matter will not be specific to lot 1747, I will write about other interests and life experiences.
If things get boring at this end we can always go down and be entertained by the campers antics at the hot spring.

The historic lot 1747 from the air, the residence is to the left, the short air strip is in the center, the hot spring and campsite are in the park like area to the right. The glacier fed Lillooett River flows south.

Heli Trip To Whistler.

There was a helicopter operating out of here for over a month this Fall, it was supporting a mining company's drilling efforts up the Roger's Ck. area near Cloudraker Mtn. The pilot needed to go to Whistler the other day and took me along as ballast.

Just after take off from my front yard, this is looking
up Rogers Creek.

                                                                                   Icefeild inside Garibaldi Park.
Whislter municipality, Green Lake before freeze up.

Whistler helipad, pilot Tryna Faddegon.

   On the way home, looking north towards Lillooett Lake.

 Skook + Chuck
    Around Nov 15 we got our first snow. Helicopter packed up and went home.
I have a break until my next guests arrive in a few weeks. 


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